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25th Annual Meadows Collier Tax Conference

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New Year - New (and Some Continuing) Tax Issues

Join us for this year's Meadows Collier Virtual Tax Conference on Thursday, November 2, 2023. Topics include current federal tax issues, including the Employee Retention Credit and the impact of the IRS’s additional funding, the latest in Texas tax, Estate Planning transfer issues, reporting requirements under the Corporate Transparency Act, tax planning tips when buying or selling a corporation, and more. Learn from industry leaders, and gain knowledge to advance your journey through the changing economic environment. CPE and MCLE credit will be given based on attendance.

Conference Information

Date & Time:
Thursday, November 2, 2023


Course Number:

Credit Hours:
10.00 CPE Hrs.
8.50 MCLE Hrs.

$100 per person
*Discounts available.

* 20% discount for professionals with less than five (5) years' experience.
* 20% discount for groups of five (5) or more registering together from the same firm.

Email for more information and to obtain the discount codes before registering for the conference.


Anthony P. Daddino
J.D., Managing Partner

Joel N. Crouch
J.D., Partner

R. Damon Rowe
J.D., LL.M., Partner

Kristen M. Cox
J.D., Partner

David E. Colmenero
J.D., LL.M., CPA, Partner

Alex J. Pilawski
J.D., Partner

Josh O. Ungerman
J.D., CPA, Partner

Mary E. Wood
J.D., Partner

Alan K. Davis
J.D., CPA, Partner

Eric D. Marchand
J.D., LL.M., Partner

Stephen A. Beck
J.D., LL.M., Partner

Annie E. McGinnis
J.D., LL.M., Associate

Gabriel Nuñez-Lafontaine
J.D., LL.M., Associate

Mark A. McMillan
J.D., LL.M., Partner

Jeffrey M. Glassman
J.D., LL.M., Partner

Cody R. Gackle
J.D., LL.M., Associate


8:00 AM

MC Talks Tax: Giving You Something to Talk About

People commonly criticize attorneys for “liking to hear themselves talk.” Well, that is true. And here at Meadows Collier, we also like to see our words in print. That is why we created MC Talks Tax, a blog covering current developments and noteworthy topics in the world of tax. This presentation will survey the most significant -- or just interesting -- blog posts over the past year. Topics will include new IRS guidance, court decisions, legislative changes, and other developments in the federal tax world. Prerequisites for this presentation include only a love for tax; a sense of humor is optional but recommended.

Anthony P. Daddino, J.D., Managing Partner

8:50 AM

IRS and the ERC. Well, This Has Been a Wild Ride

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) has been a boom for many businesses but a headache for the IRS and many tax professionals. We will discuss the current status of the credit, the IRS response and what to expect in the coming year.

Joel N. Crouch, J.D., Board Certified in Tax Law by the TBLS, Partner, and
R. Damon Rowe, J.D., LL.M., Partner

9:50 AM


10:05 AM

Beneficial Ownership Reporting Under the Corporate Transparency Act

This presentation will walk through the beneficial ownership reporting requirements under the Corporate Transparency Act so that you and your clients can proceed with confidence when they must begin reporting in 2024.

Kristen M. Cox, J.D., Partner

10:55 AM

Hot Audit Issues in Texas Tax

With a booming Texas economy, Texas businesses are busy doing business and growing. While this is certainly good for business, it also means the Texas Comptroller is actively conducting audits and investigations. This presentation will focus on some of the hottest issues to arise in Texas Comptroller audits for both established and emerging industries and some precautionary measures for taxpayers and practitioners.

David E. Colmenero, J.D., LL.M., CPA, Partner, and
Alex J. Pilawski, J.D., Partner

11:55 AM


12:10 PM

Lunch Presentation

Show Me the Money: Working with the IRS in a Post $80 Billion Funding World

The IRS has been incorporating the new funding at various levels inside the agency. We are seeing both objective and subjective results of the actual and anticipated funding while interacting with the IRS. This presentation will focus on dealing with the current state of the IRS as the organization evolves with the long-awaited funding.

Josh O. Ungerman, J.D., CPA, Partner, and
Mary E. Wood, J.D.,

1:10 PM

Estate Planning Transfers: Deductions, Disclosures and Discounts

This presentation will focus on complying with the technical rules for substantiating charitable deductions and adequately disclosing gifts. In addition, the presentation will highlight the complexities when planning with the estate tax charitable and marital deduction; specifically, the mismatch that may result between the value of the asset included in the gross estate of a decedent and the amount allowable as a charitable estate tax deduction.

Alan K. Davis, J.D., CPA, Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the TBLS, Partner, and
Eric D. Marchand, J.D., LL.M., Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the TBLS,

2:05 PM

Buying and Selling Corporations – Selected Tax Issues and Planning Opportunities

This presentation covers important tax issues and planning opportunities that can significantly impact your client’s tax effects from purchasing and selling Subchapter C and Subchapter S corporations. This presentation focuses on selected topics that have proven important in our practice in helping clients achieve efficient tax results from their acquisition and sales transactions. These topics include I.R.C. § 1202, sales of personal goodwill, pre-sale S corporation restructuring, negotiating purchase price increases to reimburse S corporation shareholders for the tax differential on ordinary income, and preserving tax deferral for equity rollovers and installment sales.

Stephen A. Beck, J.D., LL.M., Board Certified in Tax Law by the TBLS, Partner,
Annie E. McGinnis, J.D., LL.M., Associate,
and Gabriel Nuñez-Lafontaine, J.D., LL.M., Associate

3:05 PM


3:20 PM

Walking the Tightrope: 678 Trusts and Their Risks

This presentation will discuss 678 Trusts, also known as Beneficiary Defective Inheritor's Trusts or BDITs, and explore the challenges and potential pitfalls associated with them. This presentation will provide an overview of 678 Trusts, emphasizing their distinctive features, including beneficiary control and tax benefits, while also shedding light on the complexities and risks inherent in their use. Using real-world examples, we will navigate the nuances of these trusts, with a focus on issues such as tax compliance, how they can introduce complications into mainstream planning efforts, and areas where we have seen them go sideways.

Mark A. McMillan, J.D., LL.M., Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law and Tax Law by the TBLS, Partner

4:10 PM

Strategies for Resolving a Federal Tax Dispute and Recent Developments

Please join us for the final presentation of the day where we will discuss helpful procedural tips that every tax practitioner should know. In addition, this presentation will discuss certain recent developments in the tax landscape.

Jeffrey M. Glassman, J.D., LL.M., Partner, and
Cody R. Gackle, J.D., LL.M., Associate

5:05 PM


Conference Details

Program Date: Thursday, November 2, 2023

Program Format: Virtual (Online Only)

Credit Hours: 10.00 CPE Hrs. and 8.50 MCLE Hrs.
CPE credit for the virtual conference will be issued by Meadows Collier once attendance has been reconciled.
* To ensure that you receive full credit
for attending the conference, please be sure you sign in to Zoom with both your first and last name. It is difficult to reconcile the attendance and polling questions without this information.

Attendance: In order to attend this program, receive a link to the materials in advance of the program date, and receive education credit, you MUST register in advance.

Cancellation: If you have to cancel your registration, please do so as soon as possible. Substitutions are welcome. You must contact us at prior to the conference date to provide the name of the person substituting for the person registered.

Program Fee: $100 per person

Discounts: Discounts available are as follows:
* 20% discount for professionals with less than five (5) years' experience.
* 20% discount for groups of five (5) or more registering together from the same firm.

Email for more information and to obtain the discount codes before registering for the conference.

Registration Confirmation and Materials: After you register for the conference you will receive a confirmation email. Closer to the event date, you'll receive another email with (1) Zoom information to access the webinar; (2) link to the program materials for you to download and print or save to an electronic device; and (3) link to the Survey Monkey Evaluation Form. 

Conference Materials: The conference materials will be sent out before the event begins along with Zoom information.

Recording: All audio and video recording of this program is prohibited.

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